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There is no App for "Expertise"

Updated: Apr 16, 2018

floating egg
balance•pursuits of

This photograph was taken using a film camera and studio flash lighting long before digital cameras, smartphones or Photoshop (Big 3). No I'm not going to hate on the digital world I'm a big fan of the game changing Big 3...and I also sure that Ansel Adams, Edward Weston and several other photographer masters would be fans too. I went kicking and screaming into the digital world...and it was similar to a pregnant man

going into labor next to a computer, scanner, prints and the bootleg copy of Photoshop a "friend" let me borrow.

Ok...I taught myself to better understand light by placing an egg in the window to photograph at different times of a day. I had no control of the sun and limited control of the camera. Based on what film I was using I began to notice how light can shape and form subject matter depending on the time of day. Over time I had many darkroom failures on the way becaming proficient with natural light. I soon realized that I didn't know anything about other kinds of light or color temperature....!

A light meter saved my life...(yes,yes, and YES!) helped me understand not learn about light, you see when you have an understanding you can extend the limits of it.

That's when you know, and when you know this is expertise. So having the light meter helped me to become friends with the sun and completely control artificial light (ambient/ flash).

The balance•pursuits of photograph (floating egg) is the result of me understanding how to bring my vision to life...and then make a print*

There is no App for expertise...just hard work.

See for yourself.


*a conversation about photography and printing your photography soon.

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